guy-beatty-200Guy Beatty lived a purpose filled life. He kept God and his family at the center of all that he did. Betty, Susi, and John were the loves of his life. Carrying out God’s mission was his passion.

He built an empire; he constructed buildings, developed companies and created life supporting jobs. In spite of these great business successes he never forgot his humble roots. Guy always believed that his success was made possible to allow him to serve God. To this point his philanthropic endeavors have impacted thousands of people directly and tens of millions indirectly. Schools, churches, hospitals, clinics, students, research programs, and universities have all been improved because of Guy’s vision, leadership and generosity. His life has made our world a better place.

Guy has been a role model, a mentor and most importantly a friend to many. He inspires all of us to continue serving God through our talents and abilities with the goal of making the world a better place.

Remembering Guy Beatty